Are you trusting yourself enough?

The month of January has arrived and I wanted to share a key area I have noticed personally, and in the wider collective energy.

The theme of trust is evident, specifically in the context of trusting yourself and your journey in this lifetime. With this word, belief also appears, as believing in yourself requires you to TRUST who you are and what you are doing. 

When you begin to turn the focus inwards and start to sit with what it feels like to trust and believe in yourself, you start to become aware of areas you don’t feel confident in your life and where there are mind ‘blocks’ keeping you stuck. 

Positive change begins to happen when you use your imagination and visualise what trusting and believing in yourself looks like. Then becoming that person who deeply trusts and believes in themselves!

I have provided 3 key questions below to help open your mind, body, and spirit to this way of being and believing. Contemplate on the following:

  1. What does trusting and believing in myself look like? E.g. How does it look differently to how I use to show up in the world?
    Think behaviours, thoughts, outlook on life, relationship to yourself and others.
  2. What wellness tools will help me believe and trust myself more?
    Think of strategies that you can implement to keep you focused on trust. (e.g. affirmations, warrior postures, reflective journalling, more time to rest and recover your energy).
  3. What other missing pieces are there so I can start to trust and believe in myself more often than not?
    Do you need to maintain composure rather than using my voice if you know you’re not being listened to? (i.e. protecting your energy), Is it asking for more support from those around you? Looking for new work opportunities that align with how you want to be in the world? Is it learning a new skill that you need professional support with? 

Be honest with yourself here and make a promise to implement a ‘missing piece’ action today!

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Many blessings to you on this day,

Olivia Cuenca

Integrative Psychologist, Founder & Director of Awakened Mind Body Spirit Pty Ltd