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Founder and Integrative Therapist of Awakened Mind Body Spirit

Olivia Emily Maxwell

Olivia is an Integrative Therapist who is passionate about helping youth and adults build resilience, an innate sense of trust within themselves, and connect to their values so they can 'bounce back' from adversity and create a life they deeply love.

Olivia states, "Being a human can be hard at times. 'Bumps' on the road are inevitable in life. What is key is that we build a helpful 'tooklit' of self-regulation and connection practices so we are not swayed when challenges arrive, because they will".

“I also believe the more we can let go of trying to control what happens in our lives and rather, live in the 'now', accepting life on life's terms, the more magic, wonder, and beauty is experienced. Living your Heaven on Earth is truly attainable!".

Journey to Wellness

Olivia was diagnosed with Scoliosis in her high school years which required her to wear a back brace for 21-hours a day over a 2-year period versus undertaking surgery. Olivia believes this life experience was a key catalyst in her healing journey. She was motivated to incorporate other approaches to healing, such as Reiki, meditative practices, and Kundalini yoga, alongside medical interventions. During this challenging period, Olivia learnt that she needed to make positive choices and take actions which supported her most to overcome the darkness she was experiencing.

Olivia continues to explore a variety of healing modalities by practicing strategies on herself first and foremost. Daily meditation and contemplation/self-reflection practices, energy clearing, a healthy diet, adequate water intake, regular exercise, and healthy social connections are some key foundations Olivia relies on to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Academic Background

Olivia’s academic lens sees her committed to keeping up with best-practice well-being and mental health interventions to improve one’s quality of life.

Her honours thesis explored how self-reflection practices help in building resilience and overcoming stressful events in life. OIivia's master’s thesis explored how our view of stressful events influences our experience of situations by looking at the role of emotions. Both research papers achieved First-Class grades.

Master of Organisational Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Pranic Energy Healing and Clearing Accreditation