How to get better at ‘letting go’ and allow life to unfold with ease & grace  

Change is in the air for many of us. I mean, we are always changing and growing, that is part of our nature of being human. However, there are times in our lives when significant changes happen. 

It may be a sudden change in career direction, home location, friendships and relationships, health, or even internal shifts in thought and habits. 

More commonly than not, we humans tend to ‘hold on’ to ways of being, seeing, and living out of fear and wanting (notneeding‘) certainty. 

It takes time to build the muscle to ‘let go’ and allow change to happen naturally without trying to control outcomes in our lives. 

A few tips that help me stay in this energy during change include: 

  • Creating space in my schedule to sit with myself, particularly outside on land to cultivate stillness and strength within. 
  • Becoming attuned to where my mind tries to take me in each moment. Anchoring back into my breath and heart when I notice my mind is not present in the now. 
  • Upping the amount of time I spend doing things that light me up. I have been playing more soothing music and dancing in my living room moreso lately!  

Remember, caring for yourself gives you strength and power, which is especially needed during times of uncertainty and change!