Listening to the HEART Way

Last month’s theme was around trusting yourself, which isn’t surprising that my guides have beautifully infused the Heart Way for this month.

Pause for a moment and reflect on what the Heart Way means to you. It could be a single word, a memory of when you were in your heart, a song, a scent, or a person. and so on.

Following your heart whispers requires:

1. Regular pauses and stillness in the day

2. Awareness of the Heart energy center (in the center of your chest, front and back of the body), purely through your attention.

3. Courage to listen, beyond the mind

This way of being takes practice, continuous inner work, and support from community. 

It can be much easier to let your mind take charge and direct your life if you do not create stillness or implement self-care rituals that restore your energy. 

The key here is to look after yourself, so you can connect more with YOU and therefore, others, and life itself.

What is one thing out the of 3 points above that you would like to dial-up and strengthen? 

Write this down on a post-it note or in a journal and remind yourself of this ‘coming back’.

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Blessings to you,