Make a commitment to stay connected to what LIGHTS you up!

The month of May has arrived with guidance to permit yourself to keep connected to practices, people, places, and energies that LIFT you!

I find anchoring myself back into my values helps me keep connected first and foremost. For example, feeling the energy of self-love, joy, simplicity, focus, and patience has been helpful for me to remain aligned with higher energies throughout the day.

Notice when you are tapping into the energy of ‘force’ and ‘pressure’, and DECIDE to lean more into the energy of  ‘trust’, ‘being’, and ‘presence’ is key here.

Keeping tapped into this energy can be easier said than done, I know. Yet, as I share the 3 D’s with clients, it takes ‘dedication, deliberate action, and discipline’ to make changes!

It is time to start putting what is important to you and lights you up first, knowing the rest will follow.

If you find this difficult to do, I recommend jotting down values that you align to and feeling into actions that align with living out these values. 

I am here if you need support!

“The more love and light you give to yourself, the more you can give to others”

– Olivia Maxwell