Our Integrative Therapy Services

Therapy Services

We provide individual therapy to children (from 6-years-old), adolescents, and parents/adults. We work with a range of concerns including:

● Emotion regulation, including anger management and managing emotional triggers
● Behavioural difficulties
● Depression and low mood
● Anxiety (social anxiety, health anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, panic, generalised anxiety)
● Stress and burnout
● Grief and loss
● Chronic pain
● Adjustment to major life transitions (such as completing schooling, separation or divorce, career change)
● Attachment issues
● Family or relationship difficulties
● Building self-esteem and self-love
● Enhancing motivation or direction

Pranic Energy Healing Services

Pranic healing is an ancient science of healing which uses ‘prana’, ‘ki’ or ‘life energy’ to heal the physical body. Prana or Ki is life energy that keeps the body alive and healthy and is contained in the air, sunlight, and ground. Pranic healing can be used to heal the following issues:

● Headaches/Migraine
● Sore throat
● Cold
● Fever
● Irregular Menstruation
● Stomach pain
● Muscle pain
● General weakness
● Relieving tiredness
● Insomnia

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