Removing the belief you need to ‘suffer’ in life to reach your goals 

A key theme for the month ahead – releasing the belief that you need to struggle and experience suffering in order to achieve success in your life. 

Things don’t need to be HARD unless we want them to be. I have personally noticed over the month of October, my tendency to make things more difficult and complex than they need to be. I sat with this, through journalling and sharing with my close friends, and realised this came from needing to be IN CONTROL of every detail and exercising my WILL versus my TRUST in the process and the GOOD in life. 

A reminder to you today and for the next few weeks – allow yourself to feel cherished, because you really are.  

Spend time outside, with the trees, winds, oceans, sky, birds, and sun. Sit. Breath. Feel into your big beautiful heart. This is all you need to be. 

Tip to enhance this process: 

Remove the belief ‘things are always hard for me’ and replace it with the powerful affirmation of ‘I accept challenges with ease and grace, I love learning about myself!’  

Much love to you,