Spring Action and Renewal Energy

Happy first day of SPRING! We have just closed our Winter season – a period of hibernation, planting seeds for our desires and visions and nurturing the soil for the promise of new growth in the spring season.  

Themes for the month ahead include: 

  • Clear focus on your vision: Protect what is important to you. Notice the small things in your day that light you up and engage with this! 
  • Simplifying and clearing out: cleaning out your belongings, getting rid of things that you don’t need or no longer serves you for your highest good, old emotions and thoughts that keep you feeling heavy. Release it to the waters! 
  • Nature is calling: spending time deepening your connection with the natural environment around you. Smelling the roses (literally and figuratively) of how much you have grown and continue to do so.  

I hope you can make some space to ANCHOR and GROUND these themes into your reality over the course of this new month. Keep coming back to the things that bring you JOY and focus on the LIGHT, which never leaves you. 

My question to you:

  • What lights you UP?