Track down your fears and let it be your guide

Tuning into the month of June felt different. The word ‘unknown’ came to mind. The emotion of excitement AND fear was witnessed.

After 7-days of back to back weekends in professional development, I have noticed what has been arising for me and what I have been told from those around me, including within client sessions..

Identify your fears and let it be your compass!

I have learnt, the more we allow fear to be our guide, our teacher, the more we get to experience our POTENTIAL in this lifetime. 

Haven’t you noticed that when you dial up your courage dial and face your fears head on, you come out of the experience stronger, wiser, clearer of direction, and more empowered? 

Fears really give us a mirror to where we need to pay a little more attention IF we are choosing high-growth and attainment of our highest potential.

Always remember, through harder times there is always light and hope to come. It might mean days, weeks, months, and years, but it is staying committed to the hope and the grace that is always there for us to experience. We just have to be patient and trusting darker times too shall pass.

Last but not least, happy hibernation season (Winter has arrived yay!)

~ be slow, extra gentle, and stay curious to yourself and the world around you ~