As we enter the second month of spring, you may begin to notice things are moving forward with speed and consistent pace. With this, significant change normally comes about, whether that be in living arrangements, behaviours of those around you, new relationships or old connections falling away, this is part of the clearing and renewing that is happening for the better.

Change allows old, outdated patterns and energy to move out so you can be more free!

Freedom comes with a sense of living your destiny without obstruction. It is living in alignment to what you VALUE and what LIGHTS you up, from your heart and out in the world without holding yourself back.

To set the energy for the month ahead, I ask you to pause in this moment and ask yourself “what does freedom look like to me?”. An example from me – freedom is to prioritise my physical health and eat only organic fruit and veggies.

Write these down in a journal, or piece of paper, or post-it-note and put it up on your wall. By looking at this every day for the rest of the month, it will act as an anchor to come back to when our minds and responsibilities can weigh us down, which may happen from time to time. The KEY is to keep ourselves feeling light and ACTING on these things that help us feel free.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email if you have any questions. I have a few available 1:1 slots remaining in October. Please visit my website to book in a session.

Much love,