Write yourself a new story. Say goodbye to the ‘old’.

Become aware of the ‘old’ stories you have been telling yourself & take steps to write a new story 

The old stories we hold in our conscious and subconscious minds can keep us trapped in a state of stagnancy, bitterness, dis-ease, and low vibration.  

I have personally caught myself in these cycles during periods of growth in my life, where the old patterns and ways of thinking try to keep me stuck. 

From an evolutionary perspective, this is valid given our brain has one main job – to keep us safe and alive. It is no wonder when we stretch ourselves into trying new things, or BE in a different vibration, our brains try to creep in and keep us ‘small’. 

There are a few main strategies I draw on during these cycles of growth which include the following: 

Awareness: create ‘pause’ moments in your day to notice what thoughts your mind is telling you, what is repeating? where is your focus going? Then shift this state into ‘courage’. Courage to take steps towards what is important to you.

Present moment: from a place of awareness, anchor yourself back into the present moment. You can do this by taking a deep belly and heart breath (the center of your chest). Do 3 of these breaths in the belly and heart. 

Movement: when our minds are active, it is a sign to balance out the energy and help move it along by moving your body! Strength training or dancing are some of my favourite movement exercises. Connect to what works for you and your strengths.

Remember, that being in the present, not the past, is how you write a new story! 

Olivia Maxwell

Integrative Psychologist, Founder & Director of Awakened Mind Body Spirit Pty Ltd